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Dude! Where’s My Car?!


Last night, Allen came to pick the girls and I up at work for some family time.  We hopped into the rabbit (no pun intended) and drove to my Mom’s house to pick up Ava.  On the way back, we had a few errands to run, and then we intended to pick up my car, which I’d left at work. (About a mile up the road from our home.) After piling back into the rabbit, we stopped at the library to return some VERY late books, went to the grocery store to pick up a can of soup for to make some beef stroganoff.  In all our haste to make the stroganoff we went home quickly, and Allen played with the girls whilst I made supper.  In all my housewifery glory, supper was ready by 5, and we had a leisurely dinner.  We talked, ate, listened to a James MacDonald sermon, and overall had a relaxing time.  Just as Allen was about to head out the door, Sheila came with spinbrushes for the girls with sticker packets.  The girls spent plenty of time working on their sticker brushes and were thrilled with the best birthday present ever!! (I was all for it, toothbrushes after all that cake? Yes please!)   After sharing some leftover Emma birthday cake with Sheila, she went on her merry way, and we were then graced with the presence of my parents, with whom we also shared some cake, and Emma received another good gift.  All’s well that ends well, and fighting a huge headache, I put the girls to bed, and after applying various remedies, I went to bed myself.

Morning came.  Unfortunately, Sanity did not accompany it!  Allen arrived home from work with a gift for Emma, and we all gathered round while she opened it, and enjoyed it.  This took some considerable time, and we were late to leave.  Ever the gentleman, Allen offered to drop the girls off at my Mom’s, so I could get to work on time.  I went outside, helped him strap the kids into his car, noting that mine was not parked with his, therefore, it MUST be out back by the garage! I kissed everyone goodbye, went back inside, packed my lunch, humming all along.  I was pleasantly surprised to note that I was leaving a full 5 minutes early, and fully confidant that I would impress my supervisor with my early arrival. I grabbed my keys, walked out the door to find… NO CAR in the backyard.

Uhmmmm.  Dude, where’s my car?!?

Now I might enjoy running, but I can’t do a mile in 10 minutes.  Which is all the time I had left at this point.  Oh yeah, and I live at the bottom of the hill that my employer sits on top of.  Whoops.

After a few moments it hit me…  I had left it at work last night.

I laughed.  I just realized I did something pretty dumb.  I lost my car.  How do you lose your car? It had taken me almost 5 minutes of standing there, jiggling my keys and laughing at myself to come to my senses (if indeed I have sense.)  I ran inside, looked at the clock, 5 minutes till I gotta be on the floor. Dang.  I called work.

“Hello, L——– L——– C——-”

“Hey, K, I lost my car.”

“You WHAT?!”

“I lost my car”

“Oh yeah, we were wondering why it was in the parking lot all night! How did you lose it?”

“We left yesterday, and I left it overnight by accident.  We forgot to pick it up.  I was calling cause I’ll be a little late.”

“Well I can come and pick you up. How’s that?”

“Oh, I was gonna run, but I’d be later, that would work out better cause I’ll be on time then…”

“Alright, I’ll be right there! Hahaha!! Only you!”

I went back outside, and stood by the street laughing at myself.  Every time I would get a straight face, I’d start to giggle again.  After K arrived, I had a slightly embarrassing two minute ride to work. (It is kind of embarrassing to be an adult, a mother of three who lost her car, y’know?)

When all is said and done, I am glad to work with people who not only have a fantastic sense of humour, but take me as I am.  

A wacko…


Who Needs Rose Colored Glasses When You Have Dye?


So, Sarah wanted her hair pink.  I did some research, and found out that kool-aid is a safe and cheap child friendly dye option.  Sounds easy, right?

Right. 25 cents and pink bathroom later we had this:

Yep. Thats my hand, post kool-aid.  Guess the dye works great!!!


Kinda didn’t dye her hair.  Only her.

ALL of her…

But… She’s happy.

TOTALLY worth it all!  pink bathroom, pink Mom, pink Sarah…

And then, this followed by potty training Emma pooping on the floor… egads.

Thank goodness Emma didn’t want to do it…!  She had chosen blue!

The New Fad: Selfish Parenthood


As I’ve been reading a few blogs and news articles recently, a few have struck me dead on as a dangerous reminder of how self centered some in our society have become, and how duped the rest of us have become in applauding them for “finding freedom” in making their own choices, and being “courageous” enough to share.

Let me start off by saying, that in the two cases I am about to discuss, this is a large load of steaming cow dung.

First, the courageous woman who makes her own form of motherhood: Rahna Reiko Rizzuto.  I am at a loss as to the “courage” of choosing to leave your young children, because motherhood just isn’t for you.

Secondly, the woman who loves her son more. I don’t understand how anyone can think like this, or why posting this train of thought “takes guts” as some commenters said.

Overall, I am personally in shock and awe of this new phenomenon, selfish parenting.  I am a parent, and not a (cliche alert) perfect one at that, but who is? I believe in Parenting By The Book, and Free range parenting. I believe that children should learn with the goal being independent, and  achieving successful adulthood, not dependence and extended childhood.  I believe that parenting is not about self gratification, but about teaching, guiding, disciplining, and trusting your children to grow up, and become fulfilled adults. That takes sacrifice, be it sacrificing time, dignity, popularity, date night, or a clean house.

I also believe that parenting is, by nature, a selfless act.  Nobody chooses to be a parent because they are lured in by the joys of potty training, or lusting after the fun of stomach viruses and two year olds. No one is exclaiming over the joys of diaper pail smells, or the wonders of never being able to pee in peace.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Everyone knows that.

It has its bountiful joys, beautiful smiles, baby giggles, ah-ha moments, and big hello hugs, proud-you’re-my-kid moments. But I believe it is an insult to those yearning to be parents all over, to those who have prematurely lost their chance at parenthood, to forge this “brave” new kind of parenting, this “honesty” and level of “confession” meant to “empower” parents.  All it does is encourage selfishness, and excuse making. Parenting is nothing simple, nothing small, nothing easy.  It is a glorious challenge, full of amazing adventures. I resent this “new kind of parenting” that diminishes the true joys and struggles of thoughtful, committed parenting.

I also believe that this “new kind of parenting” cuts our kids legs out from underneath them, and no matter if we are free rangers, or attachment believers, can’t we all agree on one thing? We want what is best for our kids, thats why we do what we do, despite the “I hate you Mom” moments, the slammed doors, the crumb filled kitchens and chocolate handprints on our laptop, and the peanut butter smears on the windows. We don’t do this because it makes us feel good (lets be honest moms, it does NOT make us feel good 24/7.)  Parenting is not about feeling! It is about good hard work and elbow grease, because it is the right thing to do, and because no matter how Junior makes us feel, we love him ANYWAY!

I know I am thankful for the unconditional love and sacrifice my parents exhibited for me.

Oh Emma…


As we were outside today, enjoying the slight amount of warmth and sunshine after coming home from work/grandma’s/walmart, Emma decided to play in the sandbox.  This made me slightly leery, as Emma has a tendency to end up nude when in there.

My neighbor came out, spoke with the girls very sweetly, noted Emma’s two different shoes and shared a laugh with me over it. (One pink, one black, she dressed herself this morning, what can I say? At least they were for the right feet! I love my funny Emma!)  And then she began to chat with me.  Ava began to cry (Mom radar!!) Sarah peed her pants, and Emma took her coat off.  Coat not being a priority, I rocked Ava a bit, Allen took care of Sarah’s needs, and I continued to chat with Chasity.

Then it happened.  Emma had taken her shoes off on the sly, and was juuuuuuust reaching for the pants button when Chas noticed.

Thank God Chas saw.

The pants were coming off!  In a rush I tried to put away the sand, Chas started talking to Emma, and trying to help her gather herself, and Emma began to see the error of her ways, jumping up and down yelling, “I’M COLD! MY FEET ARE COLD!”

IN a matter of minutes everyone was rushed into the house, a friendly goodbye was administered between neighbors, and we headed inside for a feast of Peanut Butter and Jelly, Hot Chocolate, Apples, and Popcorn. (It got Emma inside…clothed… didn’t it?)

Being Pecked To Death By Chickens… It Ain’t Pretty!


Ever heard the maxim:

“Parenting is like being pecked to death by chickens, slowly!”

Well its true! Yesterday was one of THOSE days.  You Moms all know what I mean.  The day that your children wake up, agree to conspire to ruin your life and HAVE AT IT!    Mine certainly did.  And I felt like the meanest Mom ever.  All day.

Thinking further on it.  I kinda realized it was because I told myself I was the meanest Mom ever.  No-No number 1.

Number 2? I wasn’t entirely consistent.  I really need to kick that up a notch.

Number 3?  Our routine was changed.  We havn’t had a routine for almost a week now (I’m not so good at that.) and they didn’t nap.  That really added to the stress.

Number 4?  This one is all them:  They knew better, and they didn’t care.

Lessons learned?  3-Mom       1-Kids.

Lets hope this makes for a better tomorrow.  I think we’re all exhausted.  Some days just seem like a fight from start to finish.  Its been one of those WEEKS.

Tomorrow will be better.  I know it.

Snow, Ice, Brooke, And More Snow!


Yesterday was uneventful, until Brooke came over for her regular ‘Save-Liz-From-Insanity’ visit.  We ate supper amid many stories and yarns from Sarah and Emma.  We decided on a quiet night in preceded by a trip to the library in search of a good movie to watch.  The library being 5 minutes up the road, this seemed simple and straightforward enough.  Allen pointed out that my car hadn’t been cleared off, so things were a bit complicated momentarily, till we got outside to find that the sun had done its work.  As we were shaking hands and smilingly congratulating ourselves over the fact that the snow and ice had melted off the car, we traipsed out to the car, piled in, started her up, only to find that the car was STUCK in the melted snow.  Whoops.  It took us a half hour, a shovel, ice scraper, time jumping on, pushing, yanking and rocking  the car to extract it from its icy prison.  once that was over, Brooke and I sped off to the library.  Dazzled by the number of titles, we perused eagerly while listening to storytime.  I was quite shocked to find that Brooke no longer remembered the wheels on the bus when I joined in eagerly with the storytime participants to find Brooke still browsing.  “aren’t you gonna sing too?” “Liz its been awhile since I sang wheels on the bus…”  “*GASP!*”  I figure though that there’s not much call for singing in dental assistantry, and even if there was, I’m sure wheels on the bus isn’t at the top of the queue… So on we went, browsing through.  We found the latest version of Emma, and being suckers for Jane Austen we eagerly brought it home!

At home, we baked an apple tart (it counted as my one dessert a day.. *sigh*) then settled in for Emma.  I must admit to being disappointed.  for an updated version with Johnny Lee Miller and Romola Garai, I was VERY disheartened  to find it  a bit slow and not as witty as I expected.  We didn’t finish it however, and I hope to be pleasantly surprised next week when we continue.  All in all, it was a lovely evening with Brooke as usual, and contained quite enough adventure and adult chatter to keep me going until next Wednesday!  Thank God for Brooke, she is my rock of adulthood keeping me from drowning in the abyss of brain cell loss induced by too much time with children.

This morning, baths were completed without incident.  No cuts, bruises, falls, or crying.  Hallelujah!  I went to the Doctor for my 6 week check up, and have been cleared for all strenuous activity.  Which means… tomorrow AM Ava and I are getting out the jogging stroller and taking a walk!  Abbe, Van, I am ready to start training!  Tips, ideas, etc, are ALL welcome!  erm.  isn’t it supposed to snow tomorrow?  uh oh.  I have to find a way to take a walk.  Anyone have a treadmill?  I also FINALLY made an appointment to see a doctor about my wrist (damn spiders.)  Tomorrow I should be getting an x-ray or somesuch at least.

I arrived home from the Doctor to visit with my Mom, Lisha, Miriam and Sheila Perez.  We had a lovely time over tuna, and my car got stuck in the snow again.  This time, in an attempt to free it, I managed to knock my Mom down, make a mess with ashes, and disturb the neighborhood with loud revving and spinning out.  Its still stuck.  Wish me luck to try and get it out for dance tonight!

Chopstick vs. Chapstick


Allow me to introduce you to Laugh Out Loud Parenting:

Sarah came into my bedroom yesterday morning, with her Bonne Bell chapstick, and said “Look Mom! I have chopstick!”  “Honey, Chopsticks are something you use to eat Chinese food.  CHAPstick is something you use on your lips!” I replied.  “Oh!” she said, and that was the end of that.

Hours later, at lunch, I put noodles on her plate, and said “enjoy your noodles girls!” and sat down to my lunch.  She whipped the chapstick out of her pocket, and began to slather her lips.  “What ARE you doing?” I said.  “I’m pretending this is Chinese and I’m using my chopstick!” she said triumphantly, as she applied it generously, her lips inches thick in chapstick.   Oooooookkkkkkkkk… guess I don’t wanna rock THIS boat…

The rest of the day was fairly normal, some eating here, playing there, a mess or two, a crises or two, and a few childish disagreements over toys.  I was all proud of myself for preparing for dance with Leah by getting supper ready ahead of time, instead of last minute, which always makes us late.  We ate, and were out the door at the right time, only to discover I never cleaned off my car from the snow!  It was COVERED!  by the time we defrosted, navigated snowy roads at a pace bordering on the crazy, we got to dance 15 minutes late… mission be-at-dance-on-time was a failure, but Leah handled it with her usual grace, and Sarah had a marvelous time.  I’m always amazed at what Leah teaches, and what they actually retain.  I ❤ dance!

In fulfillment of a promise, we spent the rest of our evening under a tent in the living room, eating popcorn and watching Bob Hope movies.  I figured if I promised my kids a “camping night” with movies included, only high quality cinema would be shown.  So we ended up with Bob Hope.   If only I owned a movie with Humphrey Bogart in it aside from Sabrina, Sarah has watched that quite a bit already.  I need to stack up on classic movies!  We enjoyed a story time following the movie, over our “campfire” of snowmen dolls covered in a blanket… imagination is the way to go! Then we slept downstairs all night! The girls were thrilled!

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Well, I’m off to call the doctor about my wrist, since its still not quite 100%.  The swelling is minimal, but there is limited movement, which is not a good sign, so we’ll see.  Here’s hoping its only a sprain!

Nuclear Blasts and Feeling Philosophical (Pull Up Your Bootstraps, Time To Wade Through It)


This morning is particularly uneventful, aside from another poop adventure with Emma. (This whole attempted-pottytraining-failing-miserably-with-the-pullups deal is starting to wear…) I left the girls with Allen and headed up to work with Ava and cookies, only to find the stomach bug has been passing around. I backed out slowly, touched nothing, got close to no one, and came home, promptly washing my hands, changing my clothes, and THEN picked Ava up. I felt like I had just survived a nuclear blast. Lets hope that did the trick…

Now, for the philosophy! I have been wondering lately, and thinking through all the things society says to Mothers today. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve gotten the distinct impression that unless you have a job, and do something “worthwhile” outside of your home, just being a mother isn’t enough these days. This mindset is a struggle for me while I’m home on maternity leave. While I don’t believe that, per se, it is something I’ve heard, felt, seen, experienced in our postmodern culture. So, as I spend my days writing on this blog about nothing but laundry, dishes, poop, and exchanges with people shorter than 3 ft. I struggle with believing that what I write is meaningful, important, or useful. I, myself, knowing better, tell myself every day that what I do all day IS worthwhile, because deep down, I wonder. I feel isolated, with only my children for company and accomplishment. I question my worth when the bright spot in my day is a shower, or a grocery store run. I love the things I see, hear, experience each day. Enough to wish I could be one of those stay at home Moms. But, I know that I have an obligation to my job, my mortgage company, and my children’s bellies. I just don’t understand this cultural need to reject motherhood as silly, and parenthood as a solely fulfilling pursuit. And I don’t understand my lack of faith in it myself during maternity leave. I feel like I MUST be a subpar mother because even I think I could be doing something better with my life, and yet, I wanna stick around, and would if I could.
All in all, the choice isn’t mine, I will be going back to work, I can’t be a stay at home Mom, I salute those who are, and I will continue to struggle with the worth of my societal contributions during my maternity leave. March 1st comes way too fast…

2010 in review


Adventures of the Sacks girls -Best of 2010

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I was going to put their best 2010 quotes on here, but searching through my facebook statuses proved quite time consuming, so comment your favorite Sacks girl quote if ya like, to help this best of 2010 post along!  I’d love to hear your input!  recent favorites of mine include Emma trying to nurse Ava, and Sarah measuring my belly and asking me if I’d had any “contraptions”

We’ve had many good adventures this year, and its been fun indeed! It is the little things that make life beautiful and bearable.    The little arms that hug you back when Emma needs a hug, the little smiles when Sarah feels a sense of accomplishment.  The little noises Ava makes when you snuggle her.  I truly am blessed in little things.  This new year will be full of all sorts of new little blessings.  I am looking forward to it!