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Reformation Day! (Free Printable Coloring Book: Ages 2-5)

Reformation Day! (Free Printable Coloring Book: Ages 2-5)

As Halloween sneaks up on us, my blogosphere and facebook are erupting with different takes on how families are choosing to meet this Holiday. Some are abstaining entirely. Some are “taking it back” and some are saying: “It is just harmless fun, we just skip the scary costumes.”
Here is a peek into our home; we don’t really celebrate Halloween, we are in a culture saturated by it, and so our children are exposed to it, but not intentionally. My personal take on Halloween is that it is a holiday that glorifies death, sin, and gore, and no matter of cute costumes can take that away. I’m not a fan of it, and our children do not trick or treat.
When it comes down to it, my 7 year old stated our thinking well:
“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7, ESV)
I LOVE that her response to things that scared her, and gave her pause was to quote scripture. I know that we will be looking into the context of that verse, because as great as that little soundbyte is, the verses surrounding it are rich with wisdom and truth as well.
We choose to respond to our culture’s celebration of death and sin with love and self control. I don’t think it is about one or more things we do to abstain from Halloween, so much as it is how we react to it internally. Do we respond with the power of truth, with Christ’s love, and do we use self control?  Halloween is a time where we have an ability to share the gospel more often, and to be a witness with each person who asks the children:
“What will you wear for trick or treat?”
The way we often are able to do that is usually more than a bit amusing as well. I have to admit that watching my children learn to speak of their faith is a sweet experience that has all the more ability to catch folks off guard by the earnestness and sincerity of how they speak.
Take the dentist’s office on Monday:
Hygienist: So, what are you wearing for your costume for Halloween?
Emma: Oh I don’t wear a costume for Halloween. I get to be a Princess every DAY!
Hygienist: (confused) Oh, you don’t celebrate Halloween? I’m sorry…
Emma: No, we don’t celebrate Halloween, we celebrate REFORMATION DAY! And we have a FEAST! And we talk about Marfin Lufer. *giggles*

This usually leads into a discussion from all of the children on who “Marfin Lufer” is and why the Reformation was important, with the adult looking on curiously. If the opportunity arises, it can become a really interesting way to spread the gospel. If the person is a christian, it can become a thought provoking discussion. This is one of those cases where we are “ready with an answer” and we let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

So, however you choose to celebrate this controversial holiday, this post will serve to introduce you (or your littles, more accurately!) to another Holiday, one that is entirely overshadowed by Halloween.

Reformation Day!
A bunch of ladies on facebook were having a discussion one day, and we all lamented the lack of material for littles (2-5 years old) to educate them on Reformation Day. So, being the DIY homeschooler that I am, I got to work making material!
But, being the impetuous impulsive seat of the pants woman that I am, I gave myself only a few days to do it, in between diaper changes, nursing sessions, meal prep and clean up, and a really awful cut from the food processor. (it fought back, and I lost.) Making this group of coloring pages and the corresponding read aloud text for Mamas was a fun experience for me.  I didn’t get to make as many pages as I would have liked. Nor did I have the option to make it quite in the form I’d hoped. I am hoping it can still be useful!
Without further ado:
The FREE Printable History of Martin Luther and Reformation Day Coloring Pages for 2-5 year olds!
(Don’t mind the unwieldy title…)
MARFINLUFERClick to Download and Print (in chronological order):
Martin Luther Learns Page 1
Martin Luther And His Horse Page 2
Martin Luther Becomes a Monk Page 3
Martin studies the Bible Page 4  
God’s Plan Page 5
Man counting money Page 6
Nailing ThesesPage 7
To the Glory of God The End Page 8

Feel free to let me know if this content was useful for you!

Happy Reformation Day!


Cooking adventures- The Baby Edition!

Cooking adventures- The Baby Edition!

With my little one at 7 months, and finally interested in food and eating, also, enjoying a bit of time in the height chair from time to time, I decided to get adventurous. This is the first baby I’ve seriously made my own baby food for, other than a try here and there. It is much easier than I thought, not to mention a sight healthier! We did delay introducing him to solids, since he was doing just fine, and quite interested in breast feeding alone up to 6 months. It is only in the past week or so that he’s begun reaching for our food.

So I tried a new recipe today: Teething biscuits!  It is easy, cheap, and without all of the preservatives in the ones you buy at the store.

I got the original recipe here: As you can see, I have modified it a bit to suit the ingredients in my kitchen.

Teething Biscuit Recipes – Eggless Baby Cereal Cookies


1 cup flour
1 cup dry infant rice cereal/multi grain cereal
3 tablespoons cooking oil (I used olive oil)
Pureed fruit
ice water

Preheat oven 425F
Mix flour and cereal.
Gradually stir in oil. Mix ice water and pureed fruit together, making roughly 1 cup of mixture. (1 part fruit 3 parts water.)
Then mix in ice water/pureed fruit mixture, a little at a time (start with 1/4 cup) until dough begins to form a ball and pull away from the bowl. You may need extra ice water on hand in case more than 1 cup is needed to get the right consistency.
Put dough into cookie press, and squeeze shapes onto cookie sheet.
Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet 8-10 min. or until lightly brown. Cool completely.
(alternate: Roll out onto floured surface, cutting into desired shapes. Bake 10-12 minutes for thicker shapes.)

Store in an airtight container.


Coming Face to Face with God


Sometimes God just stretches you.

God stretched many people in the Bible, to places where things just seemed impossible.

Moses, Job, Joseph, Ruth, Esther, Abraham and Sarah, and the list goes on and on.

I am slowly learning that sometimes God puts us at a point where things seem so impossible for us, that when they fall into place, there is no way to credit anyone BUT him! We are in such a place right now. This is a time to praise the Lord for his goodness, and mercy, and humbly come before in in prayer.

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and we are so so thankful that we are all safe, we have electricity back, plenty to eat (our food kept well.) During the storm, I couldn’t sleep. My husband and I both sat there, awake, listening to things banging on the side of the house. It was nerve wracking. We were terrified of the tree in our front yard (which is somewhat rotten in the trunk,) falling on the house, and that it would hit our children’s bedroom. We trooped everybody into our room, which was probably the safest room in the house, and the kids bunked out on the floor, all snuggled together in a pile of cuteness.

At one point I said (with anxiety and urgency, I’m sure) “Oh no! What about the cat?!” I had tried to get her to come inside, but when I had called, she was nowhere to be found. Hearing that wind blow, and things bang against the house, I was truly worried for her safety. We had even made a small shelter on the back of the porch, away from the rain, but she wasn’t using it. I was REALLY worried. A little voice piped up in the dark. “It’s ok Mom! God is controlling the storm! He’ll take care of Kitty! I just know he will!” Oh the faith of a child. It was a precious moment, and a truly humbling one.

We sat awake long after the children, in all their childlike faith, went to sleep. They slept through the whole thing, unafraid, and trusting that God would care for them. My husband and I got very little sleep, as we sat up and weathered the storm. The winds were blowing very hard, and trees were shaking like little rag dolls. Oddly, despite all the cloud cover, and lack of lightning, we could see everything perfectly. At one point I went on the back porch to call the cat again. The force of the wind scared me back inside before I even cleared the door. As we sat there, unnerved and scared, we remembered a children’s sermon spoken at our church, based on Psalm 29:

In the psalm, the psalmist describes a storm, controlled by God, terrifying in its power, so powerful that it shakes the famous cedar trees of Lebanon (shaking of the trees seemed rather appropriate at this time.) He speaks of the majesty of God’s voice. and he concludes the Psalm with a description of how Israel faces this mighty storm. Not as an uncontrolled terror, ready to gobble them up, but as a carrier for God’s Glory.

“and in his temple, ALL cry GLORY!”

These are not a people crippled in fear by this storm, these are a people who have gathered to worship the God in control of his storm. To glorify his power and majesty.

We felt a peace after discussing this, and then went to sleep until the morning.

When we awoke in the morning it was with the attitude of children on a snow day. We found that during the night we had lost power, but we had expected, and prepared for that. We enjoyed time as a family, playing cards, teaching the girls how to keep score, and group “families” in Rummy. I even taught the kids how to play War. We discovered the bathroom roof was leaking, but it was a bit worse than usual, as the roof had leaked before in a bad storm.  We whipped out the buckets and towels, and went about our business, content with the thought that with proper water damage management, it would only take a leak repair once the rain had stopped. We knew that:

Philippians 4:19
And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

We were secure in the thought, that whatever had occurred in this storm was not beyond his power to provide for. But what we did not know is how far our faith in his provision would be stretched.

When the rain *had* stopped, my husband went outside to asses the roof. We thought it must be leaking so profusely because a puddle or something had formed over the leak. We did not know what he would find. He went out over the 2nd floor balcony, set up the ladder on the first floor roof, and climbed on up, only to find that about a third of the roof over the bathroom, and our bedroom, was ripped off like the top of a tin can. The corner was pulled upward, exposing the beams and insulation below. First thought? How are we ever going to pay for this? We don’t even have the money on hand to buy the minivan we so sorely need before March when Isaiah makes his appearance, so how will we pay the thousands of dollars for a new roof, new insulation, and repairs to the very badly water damaged ceiling in the bathroom?

This is that impossible moment where the  math doesn’t add up. There is not, and cannot be enough money, on our own power, to pay for this roof and a minivan before March. Even with the Insurance claim going through, they will not replace the roof, they will only pay for the portion that was damaged, despite the fact that now the whole roof must be replaced.  We also have a bit of a hitch in the giddy-up, in that the roofer showed up and nailed the roof back down *before* we could get pictures of the storm damage as it was. We are hoping his statement alone is enough for the insurance co. The damage is still there, and still evident. And this fix was only enough to stop the leaking temporarily, and keep the roof from blowing off any further. We have yet to make a decision regarding permanent repairs, until we hear more from our insurance co.

We know at this point that ONLY God can make this happen. And let me tell you, prayers are flying up from this house with frequency and urgency. This is one of those moments where doubt just doesn’t enter in. God will provide.

Psalm 34:7-9
The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.
Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Fear the LORD, you his saints,
for those who fear him lack nothing.

We have one thing we are immeasurably thankful for, that it wasn’t worse. Looking at the pictures from New Jersey and New York, we are in awe of what this storm has done to many folks. We pray for them all, as they face clean up, repairs, and putting their lives back together. We also pray for the families of those who have died in Hurricane Sandy. Please pray with us for the many lives affected by this storm, and that despite the many who are in a tough spot right now, that we will all recognize God’s glory in the wake of this large and destructive storm. We know he can work anywhere, in any way he chooses, and we pray for those who are recognizing his power for the first time, or seeing it in action again.



This morning I woke up inspired by my fellow Mom bloggers. I have read and followed many encouraging women such as The Straightened Path, Raising Olives, Life in A Shoe (Congrats Kim on your new little one!) and Large Families On Purpose. I have found these ladies to be the constant voice of encouragement as we work to measure up to the Godly standard for a family. This is not a quick transition, as a post I stumbled on this morning reminded me so refreshingly. Growth takes time.

Our story has been one that has happened gradually over the matter of a few years. It started with my last pregnancy, and an encounter with someone who embodied the love and grace of Christ, that forced us to look at our lives and realize just how far we had walked away from God. Since that realization, coupled with a bottoming out of our family life, (You have to reach Rock bottom to know God is your Rock, right?) things have been changing bit by bit as the Holy Spirit changed our hearts, and used scripture to turn us more and more toward him. I won’t go through every little detail and change, but suffice it to say, 2 years later, we are a completely different family with different goals, priorities, circumstances, and daily lives. I went from being a career minded woman in school with a full time job to being a stay at home Mom homeschooling our oldest. My husband went from being a man who was nagged within an inch of his life to taking leadership of our family with love and mercy. Life has taken a complete turn around.

Today, as a part of that turn around, I was convicted (*several* times) about a constant issue of mine: Self Control. My lack of self control has not only affected my ability to be a helpmeet to my husband, but to properly train my children as well.

Reading a post on Large Families on Purpose about sharing bedrooms hit home. I am currently trying to rearrange our home to make room for a new little one. We are moving our youngest into a bedroom with our two oldest to make the “nursery” available for the new one. I am also coupling this project with Holiday Prep (I am a BIG Christmas Decorator! I LOVE Christmas!) House purging (We have too much stuff and not enough room!) and Seasonal Clothing Rotation. I am doing all of this at once, not because I thought it would be wise, but because they all affect each other! We need to find more space for the new baby, we need to rearrange clothing storage to do that, and the decorating is something I love to do…  *blush*

But, in reading this post, seeing the beautiful bedrooms, and the practical, but elegant arrangements, I felt overwhelmed. How will I ever measure up? How will I ever begin to maintain a home that can not only house, but nurture and develop the character of 4+ children? I suddenly felt how woefully inadequate my skills are for such a task, and how weak I am in self discipline.

For instance:

Every morning, as her children awaken, she has them start immediately on tasks, (morning duties and school.) and are not allowed to enjoy free time until those are complete.

*instant conviction*

I don’t do that. and I certainly don’t expect my children to. There was a time when I did, and our house was fantastically clean, and getting better every day, but this pregnancy has been rough, between the first trimester issues, then the second trimester began with other physical issues. Three weeks of sickness later, I have developed a routine that is an encouragement to laziness. We now have roughly an hour in the morning where my children awaken before I am ready to be moving. I’ve let them start their day with cartoons. Then, when I am up and moving with our youngest, I ease them into the school day, which has a few breaks for free time, and then, we finish sometime before supper. This drags our day out quite a bit, and keeps me from getting much done, other than school work and basic chores. When my husband gets home, I knuckle down and complete whatever I haven’t all day, while he keeps the kids busy. This worked when I was sick, but now that I am better. I know I have allowed bad habits to develop. I don’t know where to begin to bring everyone back from the land of leisure, and back into serious business.

I have lost sight of God, and begun to think in terms of me, and what little I have. Alone, I AM inadequate, but with him, “I can do all things.”

I have lost sight of the scriptural principle of work first, play later. I have let my sickness overpower a trust in the victory I have in Christ. I have lost sight of what God’s word has to say about diligence, perseverance, and submission to God’s plan. I know that Proverbs speaks often of the ant, and of the benefits of work. I know it is true, I’ve seen it, but it is oh so easy to slide by on only what is required, and nothing more. I can improve so so much. and I KNOW that that clean, elegant bedroom is the result of a well disciplined family who puts work first. I know firsthand the happiness of self discipline, but, I don’t measure up. So how do I fix this cycle of bare minimum and begin to achieve things in our home, our character that honor God? I can’t fix it, only God can. So, firstly, a bit of prayer, and acknowledgement of his strength, power, and victory in my life, and then I act on that. Right now.

Time to get on my knees, ask for his strength, and conviction, and then roll up the sleeves, and begin work. As my Mom says, start at your feet. 🙂

Measuring Up

Locusts and Destruction: The Facebook Posts Entry


This morning was a bit of a mishmash as my life usually is.  I chose to use my traffic on Facebook today to inspire, and pad out this post.  Because to be completely honest… I’m seriously busy, but I still love my blog.

I awoke to my two year old bouncing happily on top of me, her face stuck right to my back “I want to hoooooooooooooooooooold you Mommy!  hooooooooooooooold yoooooooou!” She yanked my hair, and went for a horsey ride.  I was too groggy to fight back against the onslaught of all this youthful energy.

So I did what any sensible Mother would do… I woke up, and I went for a run.

I felt unable to leave Ava to the devices of my two hellions at home, now in full regalia, Emma in her diaper only, and Sarah carrying a purse, wearing a track suit, and asking anyone who would listen: “Do I look like Napoleon Dynamite?”

Ava went along.  I packed her in the jogging stroller, and we ran like our lives depended on it.  my husband stayed home to wrastle the herd.

I will take this moment to say, I love running!  I’ve lost weight, felt better about myself, and overall, I love the built in alone time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, in the interests of keeping this weight loss up, despite the lack of energy, and the difficulty of pushing a jogging stroller full of baby pudge up the hill, I did it!  I felt discouraged despite myself, because this should have been an easy run, I had motivation (Emma’s jumping) experience (I’ve run this route before many times) and good reasons (health, marathon, alone time.)  But it was somehow difficult.  The only things that kept me going?

  • I must get healthy, I must stay healthy, I must get healthy, I must stay healthy.
  • If I wanna run a marathon, how can I justify quitting after one mile?
  • Crap, everyone will see on Facebook that I only ran one mile.
So after about a mile of struggling with the stroller (Say that five times fast.) I headed back home, handed Ava over to her Daddy, and went on my merry way.  I got in one more mile and change.  And it was totally worth it. The best part? Facebooking my miles and having my friends cheer me on. 🙂 I have great friends!
I returned home to find a despondent husband bending over a pile of broken crayons and bemoaning our children’s destructive powers.
He likened our children to locusts.
“Look at these crayons! they were WHOLE crayons an hour ago, even a HALF hour ago! Now they’re in pieces! Our kids are like little locusts!”
The definition of Locusts: Insects that swarm throughout an area, leaving only destruction.
Yep. Those are my kids.
He then left for the grocery store with some of the children, leaving me in relative peace. Depending on how you define peace.  If its less screaming; I had peace. My neighbor reminded me of the cat…erm… chinese food I left in her fridge after our *wild party* last night. (read: the kids watched ice age while we talked grown up talk over good food.)  I have great neighbors! Chas and Chris are by far the best neighbors I’ve ever met!
I retrieved the cat.
When I returned home, rabidly excited at the thought of leftover chinese, and unable to control myself, I dug a spoon into the cold rice on its way into the fridge. In my haste, I made a bit of a little known chinese delicacy. Farflung Rice. It landed ALL over my countertops and under the little nooks and crannies. Who knew a spoonful of rice could go so far?
A productive day by many standards.  And yet, barely lunch time.  I look forward to the remaining adventures in today, and will enjoy them with my mischevious hellions.

My three children, ready for the next adventure. Sarah is trying to look as angelic as possible, Emma, eyeballing her next opportunity, and Ava, calm as a cucumber. Watch out. Those Sacks are on the loose!

Mud and Other Good Things


What a slap in the face, I thought today was Friday, and I am incensed to find it is not.  It is merely Wednesday.

So, I picked up my children and came home.  Simple enough.  Its the beginning of the evening.  The “quiet” time. (ha!)

Ensuing activities included:

  • Emma tromping through the mud in our newly hoed flower bed.
  • Emma stripping naked to change into her bathing suit (SO appropriate for the weather.  If it was more warm, I’d send her outside to go mudding some more, and then hose her down to top it off!)
  • Sarah got everybody grapes.
  • Emma attempted to feed Ava the grapes…
  • Ava drooled.

This is shaping up to be a fine evening in our cozy little cabin.  Which I need to clean, like mad.  I’d be ashamed to have the my mother’s dog see our living room right now.  It looks like a great big toy monster vomited all over our living room.  My kitchen looks like an army came and went, and the dishes make the leaning tower of Pisa blush.

So now, I shall peel my bathingsuit clad two year old off of my smiling infant and wash wash wash!  Here’s hoping Sarah gets caught in the spray so she’s not so *pink*

Happy Work Evening everyone!

Who Needs Rose Colored Glasses When You Have Dye?


So, Sarah wanted her hair pink.  I did some research, and found out that kool-aid is a safe and cheap child friendly dye option.  Sounds easy, right?

Right. 25 cents and pink bathroom later we had this:

Yep. Thats my hand, post kool-aid.  Guess the dye works great!!!


Kinda didn’t dye her hair.  Only her.

ALL of her…

But… She’s happy.

TOTALLY worth it all!  pink bathroom, pink Mom, pink Sarah…

And then, this followed by potty training Emma pooping on the floor… egads.

Thank goodness Emma didn’t want to do it…!  She had chosen blue!

The New Fad: Selfish Parenthood


As I’ve been reading a few blogs and news articles recently, a few have struck me dead on as a dangerous reminder of how self centered some in our society have become, and how duped the rest of us have become in applauding them for “finding freedom” in making their own choices, and being “courageous” enough to share.

Let me start off by saying, that in the two cases I am about to discuss, this is a large load of steaming cow dung.

First, the courageous woman who makes her own form of motherhood: Rahna Reiko Rizzuto.  I am at a loss as to the “courage” of choosing to leave your young children, because motherhood just isn’t for you.

Secondly, the woman who loves her son more. I don’t understand how anyone can think like this, or why posting this train of thought “takes guts” as some commenters said.

Overall, I am personally in shock and awe of this new phenomenon, selfish parenting.  I am a parent, and not a (cliche alert) perfect one at that, but who is? I believe in Parenting By The Book, and Free range parenting. I believe that children should learn with the goal being independent, and  achieving successful adulthood, not dependence and extended childhood.  I believe that parenting is not about self gratification, but about teaching, guiding, disciplining, and trusting your children to grow up, and become fulfilled adults. That takes sacrifice, be it sacrificing time, dignity, popularity, date night, or a clean house.

I also believe that parenting is, by nature, a selfless act.  Nobody chooses to be a parent because they are lured in by the joys of potty training, or lusting after the fun of stomach viruses and two year olds. No one is exclaiming over the joys of diaper pail smells, or the wonders of never being able to pee in peace.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Everyone knows that.

It has its bountiful joys, beautiful smiles, baby giggles, ah-ha moments, and big hello hugs, proud-you’re-my-kid moments. But I believe it is an insult to those yearning to be parents all over, to those who have prematurely lost their chance at parenthood, to forge this “brave” new kind of parenting, this “honesty” and level of “confession” meant to “empower” parents.  All it does is encourage selfishness, and excuse making. Parenting is nothing simple, nothing small, nothing easy.  It is a glorious challenge, full of amazing adventures. I resent this “new kind of parenting” that diminishes the true joys and struggles of thoughtful, committed parenting.

I also believe that this “new kind of parenting” cuts our kids legs out from underneath them, and no matter if we are free rangers, or attachment believers, can’t we all agree on one thing? We want what is best for our kids, thats why we do what we do, despite the “I hate you Mom” moments, the slammed doors, the crumb filled kitchens and chocolate handprints on our laptop, and the peanut butter smears on the windows. We don’t do this because it makes us feel good (lets be honest moms, it does NOT make us feel good 24/7.)  Parenting is not about feeling! It is about good hard work and elbow grease, because it is the right thing to do, and because no matter how Junior makes us feel, we love him ANYWAY!

I know I am thankful for the unconditional love and sacrifice my parents exhibited for me.

You Know You’re a Mom When…


You know you’re a Mom of a potty training toddler when:

  • You step in something wet, decide to forego investigation, and simply reach for the clorox as a sort of preemptive strike.
  • It is normal to hear someone shout: “Mom! I peed on the floor!”
  • You run out of clorox faster than you run out of toilet paper.
  • You almost had an accident yourself when you had to detach all potty accessories before using the toilet.
  • Every morning you wake up saying to yourself: “Diaper or underwear?  Do I wanna risk it today?”
  • You dread going in public places. Potty talk + recent discoveries of independence + sudden awareness of self = outspoken toddler.
  • Your bathtub receives more use than your toilet.
  • You’ve become an expert at cleaning shoes.  Inside AND out.
  • Your child changes clothing faster, and more often, than most teenagers swap boyfriends.
  • Your laundry pile is 8 miles high and requires IMMEDIATE attention. In fact, you often can’t keep up with the demand!
  • You often leave the house with your potty training child, only to discover later (in the most embarrassing way, of course) that said toddler has been bare bottomed the whole time.  By her choice.
  • You look forward to the diaper at bedtime. Life is suddenly easier for the next 8 hours.

Yeah.  I’m potty training a toddler, and I do think this is TOPish on the list of things I dislike.  Strongly. Only thing higher?  The stench of fresh clorox, even though it totally beats the alternative fragrance…

Oh Emma…


As we were outside today, enjoying the slight amount of warmth and sunshine after coming home from work/grandma’s/walmart, Emma decided to play in the sandbox.  This made me slightly leery, as Emma has a tendency to end up nude when in there.

My neighbor came out, spoke with the girls very sweetly, noted Emma’s two different shoes and shared a laugh with me over it. (One pink, one black, she dressed herself this morning, what can I say? At least they were for the right feet! I love my funny Emma!)  And then she began to chat with me.  Ava began to cry (Mom radar!!) Sarah peed her pants, and Emma took her coat off.  Coat not being a priority, I rocked Ava a bit, Allen took care of Sarah’s needs, and I continued to chat with Chasity.

Then it happened.  Emma had taken her shoes off on the sly, and was juuuuuuust reaching for the pants button when Chas noticed.

Thank God Chas saw.

The pants were coming off!  In a rush I tried to put away the sand, Chas started talking to Emma, and trying to help her gather herself, and Emma began to see the error of her ways, jumping up and down yelling, “I’M COLD! MY FEET ARE COLD!”

IN a matter of minutes everyone was rushed into the house, a friendly goodbye was administered between neighbors, and we headed inside for a feast of Peanut Butter and Jelly, Hot Chocolate, Apples, and Popcorn. (It got Emma inside…clothed… didn’t it?)