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In Response- A Baby Story


I thought longBABYFEET ISAIAH and hard about this particular post, and was quite inspired by Life In A Shoe’s Q & A post today, and the digging I did through her linked posts, particularly her Quiverfull, and Quiverfull follow up posts. I thought she handled a controversial subject with class, and honesty. And since I have a similar subject on my heart and mind, I shall forge on, and attempt to write with a sensitive heart, to the thoughts and feelings of others, while expressing my own.

So, Yesterday I posted the following on Facebook:

There is a story behind why this photo is so important to me, and why I felt the need to share it on my facebook page.

I have felt a renewed passion for the Pro Life Cause since the Gosnell Trial.  In this high stakes case, I was reminded of my past, and what it very easily could have been.
I was a teen pregnancy. My husband and I got pregnant, after our engagement. I will never forget the anxiety of anticipating the responses of my family and friends. I was 18 at the time. I was staring at a future with no job, no health insurance (My Dad’s had discontinued me, and I had the choice to buy a VERY expensive COBRA plan.) and single motherhood.I did go to a pregnancy center, because I was scared. What made things more difficult was the fact that I knew the woman who was counseling there, and she knew my Mother. I was terrified she would tell her. But, I had a negative pregnancy test, and after a stern talking to, and a reassurance that she would stick with their confidentiality rules, I left.
A week later, I had a positive home test at a friend’s house. We prepared to tell my parents the news. I was terrified. I will never forget their faces. My Dad’s jaw dropped. My Mother’s face went white. They couldn’t speak. I could see the anger brewing in my Dad, bubbling silently. We left as quickly as we could, knowing that my Dad had to leave for a weekend camping trip. Unbeknownst to all of us, God had a pretty awesome plan for all of us in this timing. My Father ended up meeting a friend of a friend who came along. And when he shared what had happened prior to leaving, this man shared about his past as an unexpected and inconvenient baby. He encouraged my Father to support me, and my then boyfriend, to do the right thing. He reminded my Dad of the blessing that was already present in the life of this child. He told my Dad that good CAN come of such a situation.
All of us knew at this point, from the very beginning, that abortion just wasn’t an option. All of the anxiety, the fear, the uncertainty, it didn’t matter, this baby had a right to life.

And thus began the journey of 2 years, where my husband and I fought for a blessing. My parents, my friends, my family, all fought for one too. People in my Parent’s church barred my Dad from leadership because of my sin.


Sarah, Allen, and I at our wedding.

I will never forget the hurt in my best friend’s voice when I called her. But she stood beside me through it all, despite the loss of a future we’d dreamed of. All of the normal dreams of college age girls with their lives before them. She lost that to the reality of my early Motherhood. I lost that normal young adult beginning, and jumped right into tough adulthood. So did my husband.

Initially I fought for a job that could provide something more than the COBRA I managed to get initially, and at a lower cost. My husband was in college, and to finish his degree we delayed our wedding, and lived with our parents for 2 more years. I will be ever grateful for their sacrifice on our behalf, and for our daughter. Without their support, we would have been homeless. It wasn’t easy for anyone.
2 years after we told our parents we were pregnant, we were able to get married, and to secure an apartment. Then we dealt with the baggage of having began our relationship as husband and wife with all of this past trailing behind.

The point I’m making is that in no way was it ever easy. But we knew that because of the choices we made, we had to give this precious little girl a chance at life. However hard the beginning was. And yes, we STILL have baggage from all of this. This kind of sin DOES cause lifelong changes. Even for our daughter. I still don’t know how we will handle the day when she asks us, as a teenager, why we didn’t wait.

Was it hard? Yep. Do I regret one moment of our journey onward? Absolutely not. I know that we made the right choice, difficult as it was. Does it define me?weddingbandw To a point. What defines me more is the fact that we chose what we did because of Christ’s influence on our lives, however faint it was then, in our estimation. He was working in ways we did not know. But I do know this. I COULD have had an abortion. There, but for the Grace of God, go I. The only reason I didn’t? God’s divine mercy and grace. The only thing that kept me from that was him. Not me. God. By his sovereign will, it did not occur. I do know women who have had abortions, and I do know that they have told me of the forgiveness and mercy they receive despite their choices. God hasn’t rejected them entirely. After all, didn’t he use Moses after he murdered the Egyptian? Or Saul of Tarsus, who became Paul, the biggest apologist of the New Testament, and missionary who spread the gospel to Europe? Paul knew that it wasn’t him, but Christ in him, who accomplished those things. God can redeem us from our past, and use us for his Glory, and he can forgive us in the process. His Word speaks so awesomely of how he forgives, and I know he has forgiven me of my past.

Ava and Mommy

Ava and Mommy, roughly 2 years ago.

So why all of this? And why the title: In Response? Because after I posted that picture, I think that a relative of mine was hurt, and angry, by what I had said. To her I say, I love you, and I am sorry if I hurt you.
This story is why I posted that photo. And do not think I think less of you for disagreeing with what I put on my facebook wall. I love you anyway.
I post what I do on there, and on here, because it is part of who I am. It is part of my journey of sanctification. God has done amazing things in my life, and how CAN I stand silent? I just can’t. I don’t wish to hurt people, but sometimes, when we speak out loud about what we feel most passionate about, it can strike a chord in someone’s heart, and yes, it can hurt.

I post what I do to encourage, not to hurt. To say, No matter what your choices past, God has a future. I resisted that future for years. I ran away from it. Told him to buzz off. And the more I ran away from it, the more discontent, angry, hurt, and awful I felt.


Sarah and Emma with their AWANA awards

Especially when someone told me God’s Word. Boy did it rub me the wrong way! I can’t convince anyone of his power, his grace, his mercy, and for all I know, this will anger some folks even further. But it isn’t my job to change the transparency of what God is doing here in my heart, my home. It is my job to keep living, aligning every area of life with his Word. The rest is up to him. How he uses it. As a result of our past, my husband and I felt convicted by God’s Word. EVERY child is a blessing, and we will take each one given to us, and we will love them, and nurture them, and teach them his word. And we know this will, and has, offended some. Pictures on facebook notwithstanding. Our lives have, by their very nature, become a declaration of God’s work in them.


The two Dudes, Allen and Isaiah.

Now, that does NOT mean we are perfect, or that we speak for God in any way. We still sin, we still make wrong choices, and have not arrived in any way. Not until we go to Heaven will we have “arrived” And even then, that will be by God’s Grace. I am sorry if my sin has hurt you.

I also have come to realize that the more God works, the more others will respond to what he does. Some with wonder, with anger, with hate, with love, or with a searching heart. I can’t control their response. I can point them one way. To God. Read his word, see what he says, and discuss your heart with him, anger, searching, whatever is on it.

With Love,


Pregnancy Update: We’ve reached the Halfway Mark!


Me and my girls

I’m not meticulous enough to do weekly updates on this current pregnancy, pregnancy number 4, but every now and then big stuff happens, and who am I to ignore it? Blogging is the way to go! So get comfortable, you’re gonna hear a pregnancy update!

We all know Pregnancies are pretty much one big development after another, so, today’s big development number 1: We’ve reached the halfway mark! 20 weeks! Yay! You may now pull out your togas and umbrella drinks and celebrate with me briefly. Don’t worry, I’m against party hats, so you can forego that ridiculous discomfort…

Part of the whole halfway mark is the biggie: The lets-see-if-we-can-tell-the-sex-ultrasound! Unfortunately, my husband and I really had issues with this particular milestone this time around. He didn’t want to know, and I did. Why?

Let us just say in our not so distant past, prior to, and part of the culmination leading to a huge change in our hearts regarding God, his Will, and his Word, we had a bit of a control issue with our whole procreation thing. I constantly wanted to NOT have babies, and my husband wanted to keep trying for that elusive boy. When we found out that Ava was a girl, it was difficult. He was disappointed that his prayers for a boy were not answered, and I was desperate for him to not be disappointed. At one point our marriage hit such a low point that I was sure it would not survive it. But by God’s grace, it was this that pushed us to a turning point. When you see a sinful, selfish person looking at you from the mirror, you realize the need for change. He blessed us with a beautiful and *very* delightful and vivacious Ava! 🙂 We have been SO blessed! It took that moment of bottoming out, however, to show us that our idea of family was very very short of a good family, and that on our own, we could not be perfect, or even good. Sin always kept us from contentment, peace, victory. When we sought God’s Word, his Will, life changed into something we never knew it could be. It became GOOD, satisfying.

So this time around, Allen said something like “I will not spend my time obsessing over what I want, I will wait and see until baby is born, and fall in love with him/her then!” But, I had a feeling it was a boy, and I felt we needed to know, considering that 3 daughters later, we are just shy of painting our house Barbie pink, as we pretty much are up to our eyeballs in that color. Boy things do not exist in this home! I needed to know so we would have what we need, and know what we don’t have! We agreed that I would find out, and he would not know.

Today was the big day! I would find out, tell the world, but keep the secret from him. We were agreed on this point. I went to the ultrasound with Brooke (the best moral support a friend can be!) and all three girls. We waltzed in there 20 minutes early (not like we were anxious to know or anything…) and FINALLY they called us for the ultrasound. The tech told us the baby was healthy, good, measuring well, good, and….. A BOY!

I was so excited I could have jumped out of my skin! The girls were so excited, and there were quite a few “Can we keep this secret after all?” dicey moments. We went out for a bite to eat, and to acclimate ourselves to this lovely new realization that God was blessing us with a son, brother, and whatever else God has planned for this precious little boy’s life. We hope it is to be a man of God, unafraid to speak God’s Word. It is fitting then, that we had chosen the name: Isaiah Allen. The girls were still jumping out of their skin at the prospect of having a brother. They were so excited that Brooke had to take them outside to do somersaults so they wouldn’t do them in the Doctor’s office, or just cause they were energetic, but I’m positive it was the excitement!

Nonetheless, we finally got home. Allen walked out the door, and I couldn’t help myself. I smiled.

Whoops. Now he knows! I smiled!

And so he does know. No secrets around here! I was too excited to keep it under wraps! That smile did me in! 😀 But we are excited beyond belief, all of us, to invite little Isaiah Allen in March.  As part of a count down to his very exciting birth, I will be sharing birth stories of each of my little ones, and I’d love to hear all of yours! Feel free to link yours in the comments below. 🙂


The Joys and Heartbreaks of Motherhood


Tonight was more of a joyful night, and yet a little heartbreak occurred.  Motherhood just isn’t Motherhood without a little heartbreak.

I was surprised by my husband showing up at work to sweep me off my feet (proverbially, I’m not that light…) and then carrying me off in his magnificent chariot (i.e. his rusted purple diesel Volkswagen Rabbit) to pick up our three princesses. (No lie there, they really are princesses!)

After our quick (read; frenetic) pick up of the children, we spontaneously chose to visit the park, just to make today special, cause we felt like it.  As we arrived, and Sarah got out of the car, she said, “HEY! I’ve been here before! This is the park we saw Uncle Dennis at! I love my Uncle Dennis! He looked like Papa Wheelie! He was so fun and nice to me! I wish I could see him again, so we could talk. I liked talking to him!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At this point, Allen and I looked at each other, and then reminded her that Uncle Dennis is now in heaven.  How happy we are for him, and how much we love him.  She replied with a sigh, and then ran off to play.

We had such a wonderful time, playing, and chasing, and talking, and swinging, and climbing.  It was a great afternoon, and a precious bit of family time we don’t get so much of during these busy days.

After we were done at the park, we got home, and I popped inside to make supper.  The girls stayed in the backyard with Allen.  At one point, I went outside to find Emma nude, wearing my high heels, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  I rounded the corner to inform Allen of this development, only to find him perched in a lawn chair, directly in the center of our vegetable garden, atop the rows, holding a content Ava, doing his facebook/farmville on his Mac laptop.  I took a picture of this hilarious sight, only to have him extract a promise not to post it.  So, I merely paint a picture with words…

Supper was ready, and so everyone came in to enjoy the Salisbury steak, buttered noodles, gravy, and corn. Sarah reminded us that we forgot to pray, and so I invited her to pray over supper.  This was the whopper of a prayer she composed:

“Dear God, Thank you for the dinner Mommy made, and can tomorrow be a Grandmom day? I love going to her house! I want to go to Grandmom’s every day! Can you do that God? And sometimes God, she makes me nap. Can that stop? I don’t like napping…”

Allen and I enjoyed a grown up chuckle over this very entertaining conversation with God. Sarah interrupted our little moment with a question:

Mom, can God bring people back from heaven?”

“Yes Sarah, he can, but often he doesn’t. Why?”

“I wish Uncle Dennis could come back from heaven.  I miss him.  I really liked him. Why can’t God just send him back?”

Wow. How do I answer a question like that? She is so young, and yet she’s experienced death in such a personal way, several times. How can I answer a question we all ask secretly, and sometimes publicly? Another look was exchanged, I said a little prayer and dived right in. At this point, she was pushing the noodles around her plate aimlessly, chin in her hand, looking sad.

Well Sarah, Uncle Dennis was such a great man, and God loves him so much, that he needs him up there. Uncle Dennis has served God well, and loved Jesus, and they are happy to be in heaven together.”

“Oh.  Ok, I still wish he could come back.”

“I know. We all do. But God needs him more.”

And there it is. Motherhood is joy, but it is also heartbreak.

Locusts and Destruction: The Facebook Posts Entry


This morning was a bit of a mishmash as my life usually is.  I chose to use my traffic on Facebook today to inspire, and pad out this post.  Because to be completely honest… I’m seriously busy, but I still love my blog.

I awoke to my two year old bouncing happily on top of me, her face stuck right to my back “I want to hoooooooooooooooooooold you Mommy!  hooooooooooooooold yoooooooou!” She yanked my hair, and went for a horsey ride.  I was too groggy to fight back against the onslaught of all this youthful energy.

So I did what any sensible Mother would do… I woke up, and I went for a run.

I felt unable to leave Ava to the devices of my two hellions at home, now in full regalia, Emma in her diaper only, and Sarah carrying a purse, wearing a track suit, and asking anyone who would listen: “Do I look like Napoleon Dynamite?”

Ava went along.  I packed her in the jogging stroller, and we ran like our lives depended on it.  my husband stayed home to wrastle the herd.

I will take this moment to say, I love running!  I’ve lost weight, felt better about myself, and overall, I love the built in alone time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, in the interests of keeping this weight loss up, despite the lack of energy, and the difficulty of pushing a jogging stroller full of baby pudge up the hill, I did it!  I felt discouraged despite myself, because this should have been an easy run, I had motivation (Emma’s jumping) experience (I’ve run this route before many times) and good reasons (health, marathon, alone time.)  But it was somehow difficult.  The only things that kept me going?

  • I must get healthy, I must stay healthy, I must get healthy, I must stay healthy.
  • If I wanna run a marathon, how can I justify quitting after one mile?
  • Crap, everyone will see on Facebook that I only ran one mile.
So after about a mile of struggling with the stroller (Say that five times fast.) I headed back home, handed Ava over to her Daddy, and went on my merry way.  I got in one more mile and change.  And it was totally worth it. The best part? Facebooking my miles and having my friends cheer me on. 🙂 I have great friends!
I returned home to find a despondent husband bending over a pile of broken crayons and bemoaning our children’s destructive powers.
He likened our children to locusts.
“Look at these crayons! they were WHOLE crayons an hour ago, even a HALF hour ago! Now they’re in pieces! Our kids are like little locusts!”
The definition of Locusts: Insects that swarm throughout an area, leaving only destruction.
Yep. Those are my kids.
He then left for the grocery store with some of the children, leaving me in relative peace. Depending on how you define peace.  If its less screaming; I had peace. My neighbor reminded me of the cat…erm… chinese food I left in her fridge after our *wild party* last night. (read: the kids watched ice age while we talked grown up talk over good food.)  I have great neighbors! Chas and Chris are by far the best neighbors I’ve ever met!
I retrieved the cat.
When I returned home, rabidly excited at the thought of leftover chinese, and unable to control myself, I dug a spoon into the cold rice on its way into the fridge. In my haste, I made a bit of a little known chinese delicacy. Farflung Rice. It landed ALL over my countertops and under the little nooks and crannies. Who knew a spoonful of rice could go so far?
A productive day by many standards.  And yet, barely lunch time.  I look forward to the remaining adventures in today, and will enjoy them with my mischevious hellions.

My three children, ready for the next adventure. Sarah is trying to look as angelic as possible, Emma, eyeballing her next opportunity, and Ava, calm as a cucumber. Watch out. Those Sacks are on the loose!

Bros before Hos, Chicks before… Wha?!


As life kicks back into high gear, with both of us working, and three kids in tow, Its been a struggle to keep “the flame lit” “the love alive” “the candle burning” “the romance going” and other corny euphemisms for a marriage relationship… and we are forced to find more creative ways to make time for each other.

Recently my car broke down, so we’ve been carpooling, which has become a lovely time to talk, as we both head over to pick up the kids together. We can spend that time joking, chatting, seriously and deeply talking, reminiscing, catching up or whatever floats our boats. Its been so nice, that I almost think it will continue even now that my car is on the road.  I’m enjoying it too much!

We’ve never been the type for a weekly date night.  Getting a babysitter for our brood is… um… tough.   1 know it all + 1 bona fide hellion + one sweet but needy baby = 3 kids altogether. Its no easy task to keep our kiddos in one piece. This calls for more creative measures.  Time snuck while kids are sleeping, time spent laughing in the car over stupid stuff:

Me: What?! Last time I checked it was NOT illegal to groove and dance in your car at redlights! And the day that that BECOMES illegal, is the day I LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!
Allen: Yeah. I know its not illegal. I just wanted you to know there was one, in case you were gonna run the redlight or something…
Me: Oh.

This was a nice moment, and is indicative of our car rides.  Overall, we have a good time, and it doesn’t make a total date, but we get what we can, where we can.

I just wish I had all the answers, and everything down pat in my marriage. I wish I knew how to juggle relationship, job, kids, all more effortlessly.  But, its not that simple.  So I guess there is a reason we made a vow for the rest of our lives… I think we’re gonna need it to figure out just how to be married perfectly.

Sucking Thumbs and Substance Abuse In Infants


So Ava has started a new habit!  One which NONE of my other children have mastered… especially this young.  I’m not sure I should be excited?  She’s a thumb sucker.

Emma greeted me when I came back from my run, by climbing all over me.  Nude with naught but a diaper, backpack, and snowboots, this was not a pleasant experience.  I shouted out my normal response to this kind of behavior: “Am I your mother or a jungle gym!”  She giggled and continued on in her work of crushing Mommy’s various joints. “Ow!” I cried.  “Oh lemme kiss it!” and she kissed it.  Another tender joint… “Ow!” again.  “Ohhh! I kiss it!”

C’mon kid, we can’t keep this up!  I can only take so many crushed joints!!  I’ll take all the kisses in the world!  Can we skip the climbing though? Please?

I was interupted from this pleasant pastime, by my husband.

“Hey check this out Liz!  There is a letter here for Ava!”

“Ok, what is it?”

“It says they’ve assigned her a counselor for her behavioral and substance abuse problems!”

“Really? For a THREE MONTH OLD?! Yeah, she cries when she’s not drinking, she drinks all the time!  Can’t live without drinking!  See!  Here she is! Drinking!”

Ava grunts, lets go of nursing, lets out a little wail, and goes back to her business.

“See?! She can’t even miss a SECOND of being attached to the stuff!”

Guess we oughta call the “Community of Care Center” and let them know their newest “behavioral and substance abuse case” is a three month old?  Some weird things happen in parenting…

The Award Season Post- A Parody


As I’ve embarked on the  journey to Motherhood, I’ve many people to thank for any success in this role:

I would like to begin by thanking Claude Debussy, for without him naptimes would not be possible, with which to regain my sanity.  I would also like to thank the creators of, since they have helped so much in making dinners my children will actually eat.  I thank my Mom for taking all the frantic phone calls at all hours of the day or night while I am obsessing over something stupid.  I’d like to thank Clorox, because without them, my house would smell like children, and their lovely habits.  I’d also like to thank Rachel C. for all the emails where we agree over the weird habits our husbands have, and for understanding the mystery of Fatherhood with me.  I’d like to thank Esther and Rachel K. for talking me through many parenting flummoxes, and Jenny at DIYparenting, for being my cheerleader as I make good choices for my kids. (music begins, I start talking REALLY FAST now!) I thank my husband, Allen for the extra Ooomph he adds to all my disciplinary threats, and for being my rock overall, and God for the guidance in all my parenting.  I’d also like to thank my children for trying each and every day to be good, whether they succeed or not.

And to my fans… I love you!! Muah! (was that a little over the top?  Ok, strike that…)

Can you tell I really enjoy awards season? That being said, by the time the Oscars come around, I’m kind of frustrated that the majority of these films are either unwatchable, or senseless entertainment that the whole industry pats its back over.  There are, however, a few winners in this lot, and I‘m really excited about this years group.  So, here is a link to enjoy, that made me laugh out loud, it describes these films in more *truthful* terms: (Warning: Explicit language, not for little eyes)

A Light Post: My Family Is…


I’m going to do a little exercise here.  I will describe my children.  There will be a list of 5 things for each entitled: My Child Is.   We’ll do this in age order.  Enjoy! (Note: this will be saved for boyfriends later on.  We will need SOME kind of ammunition, aside from the shotgun, to scare off the awful ones.)

Sarah (4):  My Child Is:

1. Terribly Polite.  Known as “No Thank You Girl” at some functions due to her crying wildly and going “No THANK YOU!” While other children terrorize her.  Easy Target.  Needs a little support. That being said, she eats like a dainty little kitten!  So cute!

2. Little Miss Encyclopedia.  She can name all sorts of body parts, and enjoys teaching other people things she knows.  I love her spongelike mind!

3. Quite a reader.  It is not uncommon to hear her whine “Read it to meeeeeee!”

4. A romantic.  Prince Charming is around every corner, and Laurie Berkner and a sewing leftover can become a grand ball instantly.  Wild imagination on this one!  She’s also rather fond of impromptu tea parties and picnics.  Eating is not the name of the game, the game is the name of the game.  Why eat when you can hold your pinkie up and giggle?

5. Quite the chatterer.  She says the Darndest things.  Like today’s gem “Mom, I am drawing for Emma, she doesn’t know anything, so I’m teaching her…”  Riiiiiiight.  You do that.

Emma (2): My Child is:

1. You all know what goes here. A NUDIST!

2. A singer.  She can be frequently found singing to Ava.  Its adoreable!  Until she tries to smack her, it all goes downhill from there…

3. A bit of a bully.  Excels in the hit and run toy theft.  Smack Sarah, wait for tears, take toy, run away giggling.  This is a habit we are at present trying to break.

4. A real eater.  Eats me under the table.  She inhales her food in seconds!  There’s a platefull, BAM! Its gone. More Please?

5. An accessorizer.  While clothes aren’t important, accessories are!  You will often find her bedecked in a sombrero, necklaces, bracelets, heels(mine) rings, and a backback.  Clothing optional!

Ava (2 months): My Child Is:

1. Pudgy.  We boast a Beergut and cankles.  🙂 I love pudgy babies!

2. A smiler.  Wakes up so darn chipper in the morning.  Meanwhile I’ve got crazy hair and morning breath, and she’s giggling and kicking away.  Why are we so darned happy?

3. A eater.  This child may take after Emma when solids are introduced.  I kid you not. This child is ALWAYS packing it in!

4. Sleeps like a rock.  This kid will sleep through Emma streaking, and Sarah yelling at Emma for being nude, and me chasing the two of them to keep them from eating all the cookies.  Yet, she lays there, smile on her face, calmly sleeping through it all.

5. A fan of the vacuum.  If we WANT her to sleep like a rock, turning that puppy on and letting it run for five minutes in earshot will do the trick.  Every. Time.

Liz: Their Mom Is:

1. Crazy.  I enjoy cooking with the lot, playing stupid games, and singing silly songs.  I also like torturing myself by doing crazy parent stuff.

2. Absolutely frazzled.  It gets LOUD around here.  And some days, I feel like I live in the zoo.  Sometimes, I need to just stand amidst the chaos and nibble on chocolate.  Calmly.  While they tear my house apart.  Its a necessary evil.  What can I say?

3. An escapist.  I will admit, here and now, to letting them run amuck, while I hide on my favorite rocking armchair, holding Ava, and watching a movie while I’m nursing her.  Call me terrible, call me lazy, but sometimes I just need my pudgy kid and some netflix.

4. I like my alone time.  Running is the current mode d’emploi, and not only is it restoring my sanity, but I have the added plus of restoring my figure.  Hubba Hubba. the spandex doesn’t really upset the hubby either…  I think he likes it.  All in all, it beats bathroom web surfing while the chaos rages outside the door, with Allen as referee.

5. I love our nightly snuggle sessions before bedtime.  I get to love my children, instead of escape them, and they love me back, all over a good book.  Whats not to love? Plus, the best Sarahisms come out at this time.  Half asleep suits her…

Allen: My Husband Is:

1. Always tired.  That whole third shift idea? The guy who came up with it is on my LIST.  I dunno what kind of list this is, but its not good!

2. A good sport.  He puts up with all the females, PLUS our craziness, and with a smile on his face.  I don’t know how he does it.

3.  He does ALL the dishes AND the laundry AND the grocery shopping.  Can’t get any sexier than that!

4. Has a great sense of humour.  Nothing like laughing with your hubby over a poopy smeared living room!

5. Is my partner in every way.  This has grown through the good times and the hard times.  Its a wonderful thing to live.

A Post About Learning Lessons- The Hard Way


It is gonna be a busy day for the Sacks household… So I won’t linger.

Last night we were at a gathering of friends, and there was chinese food, cookies, cakes, etc.  Miss Sarah, not to miss a chance to score a big coup, ate a little chicken and passed over all vegetables, noodles and rice.

But she hit them cookies HARD.

We got home, midnight, children were asleep, placed into beds gently and quietly, and everyone slept on.  At 4 am, nobody was sleeping.  Sarah hobbled on into our bedroom, “Mom, my tummy hurts from all that sugar, I didn’t make healthy choices…” And she promptly threw up. There was about a half hour of frantic cleaning.  Before she came into us she had deposited large amounts of pink icing all over her bed.  Walking down the hall to her bedroom was terrible.  I called Allen for help.

“Allen! Help! I just can’t do this alone, I don’t want to make a mess either.”

“Liz this is what marriage is for! Did you think I could keep sleeping and let you clean this up by yourself?”

I tell ya what, those are the moments that make you fall in love with your husband a little more every time. Roses are nice, chocolate is tasty, but doing dishes, vomit, diapers, vacuuming, its the sexiest thing a man could do!  Not to mention, so much more romantic!   So, there we were, laughing over vomit together, cracking jokes as we cleaned it up.  Those few moments with him, working as a team, did more for us than any planned date could.  There is something to be said for facing a crises together.

I love being married to my Man.  I think we learned more last night than Sarah did.  Although she woke up this morning, chipper as ever “Mom!  I’m making healthy choices today! My tummy hurt from all that SUGAR!”  Learning lessons the hard way.  Wonder if it stuck?

Pooh Backwards And Running When I Don’t Wanna!


This morning I woke up, excited to run.  So far its been pretty successful, with me feeling better each run.  Everything was set for it, I set the girls in front of Dora, gave Allen a Pooh Bear sleeper to change Ava into, and everyone had had breakfast.  Ava had a fever last night, so I was worried I wouldn’t go this morning, since I’d have to hover over her like a worrying Mother does.  Its just nature.  Feverish baby trumps run anytime (sorry guys.)  Feverish baby trumps EVERYTHING!  That being said, She had no fever this morning, so I went.

I felt awful.

After the first mile I was thinking

“Nobody would fault you for turning back, Ava wasn’t feeling well last night, and you got very little sleep. Turn back.”

“Yeah, but I would know.  I can’t turn back.  That is for sissies.  I will go on.  Going on takes GUTS.”

“Your calf is hurting…”

“Shut up, I’m keeping on.”

“You know, this is a long term sport, one run cut short won’t hurt…”

“Nope.  I’m gonna be the little engine that could!! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

*note to self, buy that book, read it to the kids.  Its obviously got me this far…*

So, Rather than pulling a mile run, I got in almost 3!  I am so proud.  Its easy to keep going when you feel great!  Its the days you feel like crap that its hard.  And I stuck it out!  This is setting a precedent.  I knew I stuck it out once, so why can’t I do it again?

So I get home, And realize Ava’s Pooh Bear Sleeper is on backwards.  Pooh’s face is on the back, and the snaps are in the front.

“Allen, why did you put that on backwards?”

“ITS BACKWARDS?!  Oh.  Thats why the feet fit her funny…”

“You didn’t think it was odd the snaps went that way and the character was on the back?”

“Well, I put Pooh on her butt, where it usually is!”  And he began to snicker…

I love my husband!