Babies Are Murdered Here


I have recently had the honor of previewing the documentary: Babies Are Murdered Here. I had seen the preview, and was personally anxious for the film’s release, I was hoping it would be a profound wake up call to the church in America.

After viewing the film with my husband, We were convicted anew of the importance of our need to take action about the holocaust going on in our own backyards. I remember my shock and the many tears I shed over the Gosnell trial. (It is briefly discussed in this film.) That was the first moment I realized just what abortion really is. In our comfortable lives it is easy to think of abortion in sterilized terms, an evil, but one that has nothing to do with ME. As one woman says in the film: “I don’t believe in abortion, so I don’t have one.”

Babies Are Murdered here successfully dispels that apathy, by bringing to light not only by calling abortion what it is, but by giving concrete examples of godly men and women who are living out scripture in regards to the “widows and orphans” who we see at the clinics.

I strongly advise Christians to view this film and ask themselves what they are doing about the murder in our midst? We’ve become so apathetic and comfortable with the status quo, and relegated abortion to a political, social, or religious issue. We’ve forgotten what it is: Murder. The premeditated shedding of innocent blood.

In the days following my own realization of what abortion really is, instead of seeing it as an issue removed from my comfortable world, I too felt what one of the men in the video stated when he spoke of how horrible, unthinkable, and strange that in the same industrial park was a daycare, and an abortion clinic. Parents driving past with their children not realizing, caring, or knowing that less than a mile away from where their precious children played, another father and mother’s unwanted child is murdered for money.
Having now spent time on the sidewalk, having seen the darkness there, at our local clinic, I don’t know why I did not know before? Why are churches comfortable with baby bottle collections, and checks written out to local pregnancy centers to stand in the place of our own action? These things are not bad, but they have done nothing to stem the tide 41 years later. Children are still put to death across our nation for the crimes of not being wanted, well, or convenient.
Why have we allowed this horror to become an afterthought, one that we only mention in church one Sunday a year, and then pat ourselves on the back for voting for a “Pro Life candidate” last election?

This is not enough.

The movie also addresses the wide swathe the word “Pro Life” covers. Anywhere from people who wish for abortion to be ended now, to those who think there ought to be allowances and exceptions, those who think that there IS a time and a place that babies ought to be ripped from their mother’s wombs, and murdered.

But there is never such a time and place.

With a gentle, loving, and compassionate spirit, this film gets to the heart of the matter: What does scripture say? What does faithful ministry look like? WHY is the gospel important in a fight against our national evil?
And most importantly:

Why are we so silent?

In closing, I URGE every Pastor, Teacher, Elder, and Christian to view this. If I had my heart’s desire, churches would view this as a group and then together address the question: What can/should/MUST we do about this evil in our midst?

Lastly, I invite anyone in my area, to join us as we minister outside our local abortion clinic. We need things for blessing bags, tracts, and desperately need folks bold enough to speak, stand and hold signs, or simply pray while we address this evil in our own backyard. If you want to hear more about abortion in our area, please check out Titus 2 Abolitionist Society on facebook.
Also, Check out their website:


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