Birth Story- Sarah

Birth Story- Sarah

Over the next three weeks I’ll be doing a “Birth Stories” Series. Each Thursday one of my birth stories will be posted!  Feel free to share YOUR birth stories in the comments! Then, by March, I’ll have a whole NEW birth story posted!

First, a little Background. When I was pregnant with Sarah, I was a very young 18. I turned 19 halfway through the pregnancy, but I was terrified of being a Mom so young. As you can tell, by God’s grace, I’ve grown quite a bit  since then, and Motherhood suits me just fine! In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that since my husband I got married (slightly after Sarah’s first birthday.) we’ve managed to go on and have a few more children! Each one is a special blessing in our family, and hold a special place in our heart.

Someday I will write down our whole family testimony (in parts, it is too long to do in one post!) for you all, but until then, hopefully you enjoy the birth stories! Sarah’s is the shortest and most to the point, because my memory of it is a bit blurred due to the meds they had me on. I’ve heard stories about some of the exclamations I made regarding child birth, and women who went on to have more than one! It is funny now, but at the time I was quite scared, and quite inexperienced! As a result the entire memory of the experience is blurry, and filled with a general taste of fear. So here goes!

Our first baby, Sarah, was a week late. The Doctors didn’t want me to ruminate too long in pregnancy. I went in to be given pitocen, but thanks to weeks of “False” labor, I was already pretty far along without even knowing it! (5cm dilated.)

During the many “false labor” scares in the three weeks prior,we had a lot of runs to the hospital with nurses and doctors shaking their heads in amusement, and sending me home. But when it was for real, we were all surprised! I didn’t even feel the contractions that were registering on the machine. But, I wasn’t moving along at a fast enough pace, and so they broke my water, and gave me the pitocen.

Shortly after that the contractions were whoppers! Between contractions my husband (then fiance) and I played rummy, and just hung out. At one point in the game, exactly ONE hand from me winning (I had a decent lead.) The contractions got so bad we had to stop the game. My husband I dispute this part of the labor. I insist it was the ONLY game of Rummy I have ever beaten him at! After all, my score was higher, and we had to stop to have a baby! He maintains that since the game wasn’t completed, he maintains his tidy record of undefeated. This piece of family history may well remain in dispute until the day I die…  😉

I was determined NOT to get an epidural, but within an hour of the big bad pitocen contractions showing their faces, I was requesting it, and none too politely either… (during labor, I am not a very nice person…) I finally got the epidural, but to my chagrin, it wasn’t working! Within minutes of getting it, I had dilated to 9-10cm, and it was time to push! Within 15 minutes, Sarah was out! She was all of 9 lbs 7 oz. (Which I never let ANYONE forget!) The epidural kicked in, just in time for labor clean up. Oh the irony.

All told, that was 5 hours of labor, 15 minutes of pushing for Miss Sarah, She had GORGEOUS Red hair and BIG brown eyes.
I have a lot of toddler pictures, but not a lot of “baby pictures” on digital copies yet: Here is Sarah the toddler!

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