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Repurposing- Titus FO meeting notes


So I’m learning to streamline, simplify, repurpose, and clean up my life as a Mom, a Wife, a Woman, and a human being.

I’ve thrown out a ton of junk, focused on more specific goals as opposed to unrealized and undefined dreams, and the last bastion of undefined is this blog.

I’m repurposing it.

I will be using it as a companion to the budding homeschooling ministry that is being started at our church. I’ll use this blog for meeting notes, announcements, general thoughts, and a discussion springboard. Lets see if this works out! Here goes nothin’! 🙂


Titus Family Outreach Meeting notes from the March Meeting:

This meeting began with some more general topics, and went from there! Here are my notes, please feel free to jump in and comment here, or on Facebook!:

1. Dedicating a room/schedule to schooling.

a.) Workbox method, or dedicating a whole room? Is it practical? Does it help to make things more defined and easier to do?

b.) Schedule vs. Routine. What kind of structure works? Should it be a strict school-like schedule, or more of a flexible fit as you go?

The consensus of this discussion was that with young children, routine is handy, but too much routine can be constricting. Also that school doesn’t always have to be “formal” so depending on how we want to school our kids, the structure can impede or assist. We need more experience to speak on this subject. Feel free to weigh in!

2. Pervasive Influences

a.) How do we respond to what comes into our homes Biblically? Kids sin no matter what they are exposed to, but will what we expose them to encourage worse behavior?

b.) How do we reach their heart instead of merely addressing the behavior?

The consensus of this discussion is that a balance is needed. Using common sense on what our kids see, but not sheltering them from every possible bad experience is possible. Being ready to teach, instead of avoiding certain subjects all the time, is our best bet. Honesty, openness, and age appropriate scriptural instruction are all we know to use. Again, we lack experience to really know. The Bible is our guide.

3. Trusting God’s plan for our kids.

a.) Prayer and contemplation.

b.) Personal devotions, as a source of God’s strength.

This speaks for itself.

4. Future of Titus FO

a.) Seeking more information on Biblical roles of women.

b.) Check into interest in Steph’s Bible Study idea on the Titus 2 model of family life.

Consensus on this is that we need more discussion!

Jenny, Did I miss anything?

Comments and questions are VERY welcome! From the blogging world, AND Jacob’s church, Titus FO members!