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So it turns out I’m a sporadic blogger


I like writing, but my life usually works out in this order: Husband, kids, teaching, church, extended family, rest and relaxation, and…. blogging. So yeah, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, and since I favor quality over quantity, posts are hopefully more enjoyable than plentiful.

Anywho, I made something amazingly awesome today, and as I cooked, I wrote a blog post in my head. I do this often, but I remember it less often, and even more infrequently do I write and post it. So here I sit, (everyone is napping, HURRAH!) and write.

I discovered a mindless one pot recipe for all of Sunday dinner/supper! It is surprising, and not your average potroast dealie. I post my own recipe for you here:

One CrockPot Sunday lunch/dinner

Dump in a ton of pork/chicken/whatever meat you like (deer is tasty!)

Dump in a matching amount of taco seasoning/water.

Simmer while you are at church.

come home and dump in whatever amounts you like of the following:

Green Peppers/Red Peppers (sweet)


Diced Garlic cloves

Frozen corn

Pinto/Kidney beans

Let simmer for like 10 minutes.

Serve hot on a plate with a buttload of cheese and chips, and you’ve got nachos!

To make dinner:

Spread refried beans in a casserole dish
Slap the remaining meat/beans/veggie mixture on top.
Put cheese on that puppy.
Bake till the cheese melts/put the chip crumbs on top, and broil for about 1 minute.

It was a huge hit. So I have to write it down somewhere! Enjoy!

Helpful Homemaking tips:

I like to keep good ideas handy, since I teach at a school, AND keep a home. I dislike prepackaged goods as a rule, since they’re chock full of charming chemicals/sodium, and of course the favorite: Good taste. 😛 Yuk. I follow these tips to keep things available for quick home made lunches and dinners.

  • I use garlic cloves and onions all the time, in EVERYTHING, like spaghetti, Stir Frys, Soups, Casseroles, Roast Chicken, everything but cake and ice cream really, so I always keep a huge bunch on hand in my fridge. I have specified containers for garlic/onions in progress, so it doesn’t stink up the fridge, and I have a cleaned one handy!
  • I also take and cut up/clean off seeds of all of our green/red peppers and freeze them. They cut beautifully frozen, and I don’t stand there wishing I had one, only to use half and let the other half rot. Planning your pantry is your best bet. I stink at meal planning, but I’ve learned what ingredients I use most, and I try to keep those in stock, either canned, frozen, or refrigerated.
  • For bonus points grow them in your backyard/ a pot for cheap organic fun! 🙂

Alright, I’m out folks!