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Dude! Where’s My Car?!


Last night, Allen came to pick the girls and I up at work for some family time.  We hopped into the rabbit (no pun intended) and drove to my Mom’s house to pick up Ava.  On the way back, we had a few errands to run, and then we intended to pick up my car, which I’d left at work. (About a mile up the road from our home.) After piling back into the rabbit, we stopped at the library to return some VERY late books, went to the grocery store to pick up a can of soup for to make some beef stroganoff.  In all our haste to make the stroganoff we went home quickly, and Allen played with the girls whilst I made supper.  In all my housewifery glory, supper was ready by 5, and we had a leisurely dinner.  We talked, ate, listened to a James MacDonald sermon, and overall had a relaxing time.  Just as Allen was about to head out the door, Sheila came with spinbrushes for the girls with sticker packets.  The girls spent plenty of time working on their sticker brushes and were thrilled with the best birthday present ever!! (I was all for it, toothbrushes after all that cake? Yes please!)   After sharing some leftover Emma birthday cake with Sheila, she went on her merry way, and we were then graced with the presence of my parents, with whom we also shared some cake, and Emma received another good gift.  All’s well that ends well, and fighting a huge headache, I put the girls to bed, and after applying various remedies, I went to bed myself.

Morning came.  Unfortunately, Sanity did not accompany it!  Allen arrived home from work with a gift for Emma, and we all gathered round while she opened it, and enjoyed it.  This took some considerable time, and we were late to leave.  Ever the gentleman, Allen offered to drop the girls off at my Mom’s, so I could get to work on time.  I went outside, helped him strap the kids into his car, noting that mine was not parked with his, therefore, it MUST be out back by the garage! I kissed everyone goodbye, went back inside, packed my lunch, humming all along.  I was pleasantly surprised to note that I was leaving a full 5 minutes early, and fully confidant that I would impress my supervisor with my early arrival. I grabbed my keys, walked out the door to find… NO CAR in the backyard.

Uhmmmm.  Dude, where’s my car?!?

Now I might enjoy running, but I can’t do a mile in 10 minutes.  Which is all the time I had left at this point.  Oh yeah, and I live at the bottom of the hill that my employer sits on top of.  Whoops.

After a few moments it hit me…  I had left it at work last night.

I laughed.  I just realized I did something pretty dumb.  I lost my car.  How do you lose your car? It had taken me almost 5 minutes of standing there, jiggling my keys and laughing at myself to come to my senses (if indeed I have sense.)  I ran inside, looked at the clock, 5 minutes till I gotta be on the floor. Dang.  I called work.

“Hello, L——– L——– C——-”

“Hey, K, I lost my car.”

“You WHAT?!”

“I lost my car”

“Oh yeah, we were wondering why it was in the parking lot all night! How did you lose it?”

“We left yesterday, and I left it overnight by accident.  We forgot to pick it up.  I was calling cause I’ll be a little late.”

“Well I can come and pick you up. How’s that?”

“Oh, I was gonna run, but I’d be later, that would work out better cause I’ll be on time then…”

“Alright, I’ll be right there! Hahaha!! Only you!”

I went back outside, and stood by the street laughing at myself.  Every time I would get a straight face, I’d start to giggle again.  After K arrived, I had a slightly embarrassing two minute ride to work. (It is kind of embarrassing to be an adult, a mother of three who lost her car, y’know?)

When all is said and done, I am glad to work with people who not only have a fantastic sense of humour, but take me as I am.  

A wacko…


The Joys and Heartbreaks of Motherhood


Tonight was more of a joyful night, and yet a little heartbreak occurred.  Motherhood just isn’t Motherhood without a little heartbreak.

I was surprised by my husband showing up at work to sweep me off my feet (proverbially, I’m not that light…) and then carrying me off in his magnificent chariot (i.e. his rusted purple diesel Volkswagen Rabbit) to pick up our three princesses. (No lie there, they really are princesses!)

After our quick (read; frenetic) pick up of the children, we spontaneously chose to visit the park, just to make today special, cause we felt like it.  As we arrived, and Sarah got out of the car, she said, “HEY! I’ve been here before! This is the park we saw Uncle Dennis at! I love my Uncle Dennis! He looked like Papa Wheelie! He was so fun and nice to me! I wish I could see him again, so we could talk. I liked talking to him!”

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At this point, Allen and I looked at each other, and then reminded her that Uncle Dennis is now in heaven.  How happy we are for him, and how much we love him.  She replied with a sigh, and then ran off to play.

We had such a wonderful time, playing, and chasing, and talking, and swinging, and climbing.  It was a great afternoon, and a precious bit of family time we don’t get so much of during these busy days.

After we were done at the park, we got home, and I popped inside to make supper.  The girls stayed in the backyard with Allen.  At one point, I went outside to find Emma nude, wearing my high heels, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  I rounded the corner to inform Allen of this development, only to find him perched in a lawn chair, directly in the center of our vegetable garden, atop the rows, holding a content Ava, doing his facebook/farmville on his Mac laptop.  I took a picture of this hilarious sight, only to have him extract a promise not to post it.  So, I merely paint a picture with words…

Supper was ready, and so everyone came in to enjoy the Salisbury steak, buttered noodles, gravy, and corn. Sarah reminded us that we forgot to pray, and so I invited her to pray over supper.  This was the whopper of a prayer she composed:

“Dear God, Thank you for the dinner Mommy made, and can tomorrow be a Grandmom day? I love going to her house! I want to go to Grandmom’s every day! Can you do that God? And sometimes God, she makes me nap. Can that stop? I don’t like napping…”

Allen and I enjoyed a grown up chuckle over this very entertaining conversation with God. Sarah interrupted our little moment with a question:

Mom, can God bring people back from heaven?”

“Yes Sarah, he can, but often he doesn’t. Why?”

“I wish Uncle Dennis could come back from heaven.  I miss him.  I really liked him. Why can’t God just send him back?”

Wow. How do I answer a question like that? She is so young, and yet she’s experienced death in such a personal way, several times. How can I answer a question we all ask secretly, and sometimes publicly? Another look was exchanged, I said a little prayer and dived right in. At this point, she was pushing the noodles around her plate aimlessly, chin in her hand, looking sad.

Well Sarah, Uncle Dennis was such a great man, and God loves him so much, that he needs him up there. Uncle Dennis has served God well, and loved Jesus, and they are happy to be in heaven together.”

“Oh.  Ok, I still wish he could come back.”

“I know. We all do. But God needs him more.”

And there it is. Motherhood is joy, but it is also heartbreak.