On The Subject Of Opinion


Opinion.  It can almost be a dirty word.  It can be a difficult thing to speak.  Being opinionated, and firm in your belief can offend, and even hurt others at times.  I know I’ve been writing some VERY opinionated posts.  Ones that may have lost or gained me a few readers.  I do not write these posts for sensationalist purposes, or to purposefully offend anyone. I write them because I believe them. They apply to me and my life, and my choices.

I hope that my readers, my friends, my family all know that no matter how opinionated or controversial this blog may be at times, I strongly respect the right of others to disagree, and to make their own choices.  I cannot, and should not ever be dictating other’s beliefs, that is not right. If there is a disagreement with my words, I welcome a lively discussion on the matter, and the challenge of reevaluating my thinking. I would love to receive a dissenting comment in public, than be despised in private.  If I am never challenged, I can never rethink or defend my thoughts. I am at risk of a dangerous complacency, and no matter how painful the challenge is, no pain no gain, right? Readers, please challenge me.

To all my readers, my friends, my family, my facebook friends.

I know I am not always right, and I am not afraid to be wrong.

About measureofagift

I am a mother of a growing group of sweet kids. We laugh, we cry, and we grow together in Christ. Every day is a new adventure. I love chocolate, sticky kisses, quirky smiles, and funny qoutables my kids come up with. :) Belly giggles, snuggling, and homeschooling round out the list of loves. Not every day is easy, but every day IS a beautiful gift. Our life as a family is slowly changing and growing as a result of a renewed interest in God's Word. His influence has been a slow process of sanctification, and this blog is evidence of it. Past posts, and current posts have changed in tone and goal, and are a testimony of all that has changed in our lives. <3 "Now, All glory to God who is able through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we could ask or think." Eph 3:20

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