LOVE Approacheth! And Motherhood And Being Sick


There is nothing in the world so taxing as: childbirth, and being sick when you’re a mom.  Just no rest for the weary.  I have to pick it up, forget I’m sick, and keep it going.  Even if I feel utterly awful.  If I don’t, I will have WWIII on my hands, and a mess of toys that I don’t even want to think about.  *sigh* I just need to get better NOW.  No days off in motherhood!

Since my blog is so boring and whiny today, I will share somebody else’s excellent post: and I would like to say that I practically died of laughter reading Jenny’s blog post.  It is on the subject of Valentines Day.  Her blog is called Do It Yourself Parenting. This whole post just rang so true!


About measureofagift

I am a mother of a growing group of sweet kids. We laugh, we cry, and we grow together in Christ. Every day is a new adventure. I love chocolate, sticky kisses, quirky smiles, and funny qoutables my kids come up with. :) Belly giggles, snuggling, and homeschooling round out the list of loves. Not every day is easy, but every day IS a beautiful gift. Our life as a family is slowly changing and growing as a result of a renewed interest in God's Word. His influence has been a slow process of sanctification, and this blog is evidence of it. Past posts, and current posts have changed in tone and goal, and are a testimony of all that has changed in our lives. <3 "Now, All glory to God who is able through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we could ask or think." Eph 3:20

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