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2010 in review


Adventures of the Sacks girls -Best of 2010

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I was going to put their best 2010 quotes on here, but searching through my facebook statuses proved quite time consuming, so comment your favorite Sacks girl quote if ya like, to help this best of 2010 post along!  I’d love to hear your input!  recent favorites of mine include Emma trying to nurse Ava, and Sarah measuring my belly and asking me if I’d had any “contraptions”

We’ve had many good adventures this year, and its been fun indeed! It is the little things that make life beautiful and bearable.    The little arms that hug you back when Emma needs a hug, the little smiles when Sarah feels a sense of accomplishment.  The little noises Ava makes when you snuggle her.  I truly am blessed in little things.  This new year will be full of all sorts of new little blessings.  I am looking forward to it!


Some Assembly Required


Last night was a rough one, so today may end up in sleep, for everyone.  I despise stomach bugs! Oddly enough, motherly foresight had me writing this entry last night before the onslaught began. I’m already blogging like I cook my dinners!!

SO, We finally did it! Unpacked the LAST Christmas present from the box! Sarah was all excited, as was Emma, since it was a beautiful dollhouse from Aunt Jo Anne and Uncle Pat, complete with magnetic “paper doll” like dolls. We got it out, and realized it wasn’t standing alone. Hmmm. Then we saw IT, a little baggie with instructions, an allen wrench, some screws, and parts. Uh oh. Some assembly required. I handed the instructions to Sarah (the preschool teacher in me wanted to see what she would do with it, and assess her pre-reading skills) She looked at them once (VERY illustration heavy instructions, so not too hard to figure out even without reading.) and then threw them to the ground dramatically “these instructions are RIDICULUOUS! I can’t read them!” “Oh, well what do you want me to do with these then?” I said, showing her the screws and allen wrench. “You put those in like this! See, says so right here” and she pointed to the instructions. Check! Her pre-reading skills are right on target! We’ve got decoding down! Pat self on back… So I got on with assembling. It wasn’t working quite right, took me three tries to assemble one out of two sides.   I took the opportunity for a teachable moment and asked her to help with the remaining part. “What this?“ she says, as she takes the allen wrench. “An allen wrench.” “oh, its Daddy’s? We’d better be CAREFUL!“   back to assembly, I let her fail a few times, one time ending in “lets stop, my hands are hot, and its not working.” I encouraged her, to try once more, and sure enough! Success! “Was that worth it?” I said, wanting to drive the point home that perseverance is ALWAYS worth it. “Nope.” She said. Damn. Lesson NOT learned. “But where do we put the Daddy wrench away? I want to play with the house!”

I guess it takes more than one teachable moment to learn this lesson. Chalk that one up to counting towards the EVENTUAL learning that perseverance is worth it. Guess parenting takes a little perseverance of its own.

Vocab Lessons in a Dirty Diaper


Who knew soiled diapers can contain vocabulary lessons? Last night Emma learned the words “Foul” “Explosive” “Nuclear” “Putrid” and “Toxic” in her natural environment. The joys of motherhood are numerous.

This morning, spurred on by the kind of headache that only lack of sleep, and incessant screaming can provide, I bribed my children with M & M’s to clean the living room. Should I do this? Probably not. Will I do it again? Most likely. The payoff? As Sarah is gathering up lots of teeny magnetic pieces, I hear her say “This isn’t that bad! I can do this!” Ahhhhhhh, the joys of M & M’s! Teaching children everywhere that cleaning can be fun! I probably should have caught on at some point, that the M & M’s were being distributed faster than the cleaning process, when Sarah came up to me, clapped her hands, and then held them out. Oh well. Alls well that ends well! My living room is clean! And my children are about to embark on that all too present sugar high. It was totally worth it though. TOTALLY. I will be repeating that mantra at naptime frantically. Up next? Tackling the pile of laundry that has engulfed my sectional. Wish me luck folks! For I’ve run out of M & M’s…

Hello world!


I am writing my first post as I deal with the nightly ordeal of bedtime.  The 8 “I’m thirsty” statements from my oldest, Sarah (4.)  The 12 “ummmmmmmmm… Mudder? Can I nuggle you?” from my middle, Emma (2.)  Last but not least, the need for holding, cuddling, or the threat of screaming from my youngest, Ava (3 weeks.) I am embarking on this blog as a need for sanity.   I need to laugh at my foibles out loud, and know the world is laughing with me.  So hello world! and welcome to the unique insanity that clutches mothers everywhere!